How do I get involved?

Information regarding how to join our fight for the right to breathe clean air….

You can join our ‘Communities For Clean Air’ Facebook group to stay up to date on upcoming events and information.  The link is to the right in the sidebar.

You can come to our protests and public meetings to stay informed and up to date.

You can volunteer your time to help make posters, deliver fliers, spread the word to all of your friends and family.  Email if you’d like to help.

You can contact the governor and your local government leaders to tell them that you want CLEAN and SAFE air to breathe.

Governor’s office phone # 801-538-1000
Governor Herbert’s contact page info..

Also, if you notice the bypass stack (the shorter and fatter stack with a lid) open please take photos and document the time then send them to  If you don’t have a camera then please call or text our photographer Beth Brown at 480-440-4858.

If you have information that you think may help us or you’ve been affected by Stericycle you can contact the Erin Brockovich team directly and they will keep your information private.  The Erin Brockovich direct contact link