About Coms4CleanAir

Documentary regarding Stericycle with the Former Employee interview

Erin Brockovich wants to know if you think you may have been harmed by Stericycle. Click on this questionaire to let them know. Medical & Mortgage Questionnaire – Please return this questionnaire to: Vititoe Law Group at 5707 Corsa Avenue, 2nd Floor, Westlake Village, CA 91362 or email to melissa@vititoelawgroup within two weeks of receipt of this questionnaire

Town Hall Meeting – Sept. 28, 2013- video coverage

Breaking News!! Massive Emergency Event – September 6, 2013

Sign Our Petition to close Stericycle’s Incinerator

We are Communities For Clean Air.  Our group began when Stericycle was issued a Notice of Violation (NOV) by the Utah Department of Air Quality, which indicates that they failed their stack tests numerous times over the last 18 months or so and that they falsified documents (Article regarding NOV and falsifying documents & StericycleNOV). As concerned Utah citizens we felt an obligation to inform others of the harm Stericycle is doing to our communities.  Please click on the tab “What is Stericycle?” for more information about what they are doing to YOUR air.  On this site you’ll also find documents relating to Stericycle’s NOV, media coverage of our protests & public meetings, photos of bypass events and protests, and detailed and documented bypass events.   If you have any questions please contact us at CommunityForCleanAir@gmail.com.



8 Responses to About Coms4CleanAir

  1. Tara Hyland says:

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  2. Ryan Cooley says:

    Where can we get a list of possible side effects and medical conditions that can be related to this problem?
    We also need contact information for the Utah DAQ on here since they and the governor both have the authority to issue a shutdown order.

    • The doctors speeches are posted both in media coverage as well as documentation tabs. That gives a lot of the medical facts. I will work on getting the DAQ contact info up that is a great idea. I’ve been emailing people’s posts, questions and concerns but maybe its time we opened it up to more people. Thanks!

  3. Kathi Murray says:

    I live in Layton and was at the rally yesterday in North Salt Lake. I was just shocked at how many of the nearly 17,000 people who live in NSL did NOT show up. Stericycle is not only polluting air in the NSL area, it is affecting all of us who live on the Wasatch Front. I am also concerned about the Hill Air Force Base incinerator I read about in the Tribune today. I had no idea that was happening! No wonder I am sick all of the time. I have even resorted to wearing a mask when I have to go outside when I can’t see the mountains, which are only a few miles away from me. I sure wish people would wake up here in Utah. I am so appreciative of those who have started this campaign. I have contacted the Governor’s Office about my concerns. Does he or his office really read our pleas?

    • Thank you for coming and supporting us. I don’t know much about Layton’s incinerator so I’m not much help there. I know a lot of people weren’t able to come and are requesting our videos. We are trying to upload them as quickly as possible. This is an important issue and hopefully we can keep the momentum going. Thanks again!

  4. Aimee Fautin says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t there a brand new park being built across the street from Stericycle that was approved by the city of North Salt Lake?

    • There was supposed to be a company building across the street, but they backed out of the deal. I haven’t heard about a park directly across the street. However when the discussion about a grocery store and high density housing was on the table there was a park discussed which would be to the south of center street and west of redwood rd. that plan was denied by the city because the developer didn’t have a grocery store on board yet. I hope this answers your question. I can go into more detail if needed.

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