Media Coverage

Fox 13 coverage with Ninevah Dinha – Protest Sept. 25, 2014

KUTV 2 News coverage – Protest Sept 25. 2014

KSL coverage – Protest Sept. 25, 2014

Salt Lake Tribune coverage – protest Sept. 25, 2014

Deseret News coverage – Protest Sept. 25, 2014

Standard Examiner- Protest Sept. 25, 2014

KUTV 2 News Coverage regarding our meeting with Governor Herbert – Feb. 26th

Andrea Smardon with KUER Radio regarding our meeting with the Governor – Feb. 26th

Greenberg on Stericycle

More Greenberg on Stericycle – quotes from shareholder comments suggest its only 1-2% of their business so its no big deal if it shuts down.

Massive Bypass Event – September 6, 2013

Press Conference 9/11/13 – Huffington Post – fight gone national

Press Conference 9/11/13 – Seattle Pi – gone national šŸ™‚

Press Conference 9/11/13 – Sarah Sargent – resident testimonials

Press Conference – 9/11/13 – Roxey Catenzaro testimonial

Press Conference 9/11/13 – Deseret News

Press Conference 9/11/13- Kansas city Star reports

Todd Weiler discussing his new bill banning incineration of medical waste in Utah

Rally with Erin Brockovich’s top investigator, Robert Bowcock

Article from 2nd protest in front of Stericycle

4th year Medical Student stunned – Stericycle is allowed to burn prions

Congressman Chris Stewart regarding remarks about EPA

Heated portion of the Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting – Dr. Tyler Yeates calls out Stericycle for burning prions

Town Hall Meeting – Dr. Moench with Physicians for a Healthy Environment

Town Hall Meeting – Dr. Moench vs. Senator Todd Weiler

Town Hall Meeting – Angry crowd when Stericycle leaves early

Town Hall Meeting – Dr. Scott Hurst speaks about Autism

Erin Brockovich joins our cause

City Council Meeting w/ Robert Bowcock – Sept 3, 2013

Erin Brockovich’s website regarding Stericycle case

Bradley Angel with GreenAction – they’ve been able to shut down other incinerators

KUTV 2 News – -Protest at Stericycle